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Elisha’s Yard

The Farm



We use all natural methods to grow all of our fruits and vegetables and starters. We make compost on site and also use mushroom compost which we get from a local source. All seeds used are either from our very own crops or from trusted suppliers. Granite and basalt microfines, azomite, cover crops, sulfur, worm castings, horse and cow manure, and fish bone meal are the amendments we use to improve growing conditions in our soil and ultimately for our crops.  We are currently preparing for spring and are growing starters for purchase. Please feel free to email us for information on what will be available in the near future!

Rosemary $2.25/bunch

This perennial herb can add extra flavor to any meal and has health benefits too!  Rosemary is a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6.  Also it is rich in antioxidants (protects cells against free radicals)and anti-inflammatory compounds (boost immune system and blood circulation.)