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Elisha’s Yard

   Celebrating a Healthy Life! 

About Elisha’s Yard

  My Dad’s story begins like any other really, a father wanting to provide for his family and impact his community. 

  After returning home to Frenchtown from two deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, his search for employment began.  As a US Army veteran he didn’t know it would be so difficult to find and keep a job, but he soon found out. After filling out numerous applications and trying several times with many different employers with no long term prospects, God told my Dad that He would create a job for him and of course God kept His promise.

  Elisha’s Yard is a growing family owned farm that provides farming equipment & storage and fresh fruits and vegetables, and we are also dedicated to serving our community.  With a portion of the profits made we give back to the very people who live in Frenchtown.  Whether it’s cleaning the house and laundering clothes for an elderly widow, buying pampers for a single mom in need, or buying necessary medications for a neighbor; Elisha’s Yard has used the resources we have to give back to those in need within our community of Frenchtown. 


grow to gather


How We Grow

At Elisha’s Yard we use all natural methods to grow our fruits and vegetables.  For specifics on how we do things please visit the section labeled “The Farm.”  If you still have any questions feel free to ask us!

Where You Buy

Through this website you can purchase our products!  We will set up a delivery date and time with you through email. At the moment we are only delivering to Tallahassee and the surrounding areas.  We also sell through Red Hills Farmer’s Market online.

How You Can Help

Volunteers and donations are always welcome at Elisha’s Yard!  And of course your patronage is an excellent way of partnering with Elisha’s Yard in serving Frenchtown!  Please email us if you have questions, suggestions or want to help out!